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HomeMovie and MusicHow To Market Your Small Business With Animated Explainer Videos

How To Market Your Small Business With Animated Explainer Videos

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Videos have become one of the most effective ways for businesses to communicate their ideas to existing and potential customers. The new generation doesn’t enjoy reading long pieces of content as they did previously. Whereas, they are explicitly enjoying good video content coming from small businesses and large corporations alike.

Videos are, without a doubt, more engaging, entertaining, and easy-to-digest, all at the same time.

This has led many small businesses to start experimenting on using animated explainer videos to market themselves and their products effectively. Let’s find out how they benefit the most from pushing out such smart video content on digital platforms.

Animation makes your small business stand out from the competition


Modern-day marketing is evolving very fast, and it has grown beyond the big-budget campaigns, glamourous advertisements, and huge posters. You can make a significant impact with one extraordinary idea that clicks with your audience.

It means your strategy consistently needs fresh ideas and updates to keep up with the requirements of the digital space and expectations of your tech-savvy customers. Smartly done animations as a part of your marketing strategy can be a fantastic way for your small business to make its mark finally.

You can use various styles of animated videos with different branding, messages, characters, and so on, that reflects your business’s persona, convey your values, and represents the uniqueness of your brand. Besides, you can also use different types of explainer videos, including whiteboard videos, animated explainer videos, and live-action explainer videos to present your message or explain the features of your product engagingly.

Animation is an art with a purpose. It is creative and demands viewers’ attention by default. Eye-catching animation videos can boost your brand awareness and leave a lasting impression on the audiences.

Even though video marketing is said to be the future of content marketing, there are still not many businesses that are using animation up to its real potential. So, it means you have a chance to be creative with animation videos and unlock your marketing potential and gain the first mover’s advantage in your niche.

How to market your small business with the help of best explainer videos

Here are a few ways you can adapt to more effectively market your small business by using animated explainer videos to the best of their potential.

Make your content engaging and relevant for the target audience

Your animated explainer video can be engaging and impactful for your audience if you consider their needs, expectations, and the kind of video content they like watching when you are in the actual video production process.

They should able to connect with the characters in your animated explainer video. You need to come up with a smart script that maybe highlights the problems your prospects face, or how the product can add value to their life, or what are the different ways users can use the product.

From the colors, backgrounds, texts, and font used within the video to the music and sound effect you choose, you want to evoke specific emotions towards the brand and product.

The more you focus on the content of the animated explainer video, its messaging, and how valuable it is for the prospects, the more it helps in building trust in the brand and encouraging customers’ loyalty.

Here is an example of a highly user oriented animated explainer video. The characters and storyline that were used were the ones that users in that particular niche could easily identify and empathize with.

When working with an animation production studio to build your 2D explainer video, it is absolutely necessary to tell them what your primary platform for hosting the video really is.

Marketers often use a video on different platforms and they try to repurpose the content for various uses to make the most out of the investment they have made. However, it’s crucial to keep the central platform in mind to make the video intelligently cater to the specific style and needs of that channel.

For example, videos on Instagram have to provide a more appealing visual experience than anything else. So when making an explainer video for Instagram you want to make it more vibrant and appealing for a relatively younger audience. Whereas, videos for Facebook can be a bit more on the informative side and you can create relatively longer videos for YouTube that explains your product features and benefits more in detail.

Only when you are clear about the destination of your video, you create an animated explainer video that markets your small business effectively, and it allows you to make the most impact with limited investment.

Animation videos increase your website visibility

Internet users’ attention span has become shorter over the years. It has made it more challenging for marketers to draw audiences’ attention to their business website and learn more about their products and build brand reputation.

Turns out engaging and entertaining video content, like animated explainer videos, are an effective way to make website visitors stay longer on the site.

It enables you to make your users consume and enjoy your content, and consequently, it also boosts your SEO. More video content helps you decrease your bounce rate and rank higher on search engine result pages. Google and other search algorithms rank your website high if people spend more time to consume your high-value content, which gives your site more authority in the search results.

Both your audience and Google prefer highly engaging video content, which helps you market your small businesses affectively across the web.

Make it easily shareable

Marketing is always making sure your content reaches and engages your target audience. The higher the reach, the more effective the marketing campaign.

Without any doubt, people want to see more videos. It is probably why Google introduced the video tab that helps users to search for videos directly, and YouTube has become the second largest search engine.

The best thing about videos, which makes them so easy to market, is that along with being super fun and engaging, they are easy to share. From Instagram stories and feed to Facebook and YouTube videos, you can easily tag or send them to your friends or share the link.

The easily shareable feature makes animated explainer videos one of the most profitable marketing investments because the more creative in your marketing strategy higher your numbers go.

Include a call-to-action

Your animated explainer video will only succeed if it achieves the primary purpose of creating it in the first place. You may just want to create brand or product awareness, but most marketers ideally want their viewers to take a particular action once they have watched the entire video.

Your call-to-action may just be to subscribe to your YouTube channel, follow you on Instagram, like your Facebook page, signup for the monthly newsletter, or avail the special discount by making the purchasing within a timeframe.

When people watch your video, they are giving you a few minutes of their valuable time, and you want to make sure you use it to the best of your ability. So, you don’t want to make your views hang there. To make an impact in your business, ensure you provide the next step for the viewers.

Check out this animated explainer video where the narrative starts with telling viewers how their services can help other businesses and ends on smartly introducing the call-to-action.

How to market your small business

Animated videos are a very powerful tool that small businesses can use to engage customers, tell their brand story, and market the product features and benefits. Leveraging on the engagement and entertainment factor, companies can shape a favorable brand image by evoking the right emotions and sentiments of viewers.

Animated explainer videos provide a lot of creative space for small businesses to rise above their competition without making huge investments. We hope this animation guide inspires you to create incredible explainer videos and experiment with the magic of animation to help your organization grow and drive desirable numbers.

Author Bio

Jane Collen is a distinguished and highly experienced industry voice. She is an incredibly eager learner and is always excited to write about new and trending topics, but her field of expertise are 2D animation, app development, emerging tech like AI, Big Data, and the field of outsourcing for businesses.

Photo Credit :  JOSHUA COLEMAN


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