Indoor Vaccine Mandates Hit Cities At Restaurants, Bars and Other Indoor Facilities

Get vaxxed, show proof or stay home is the new mandate for cities across the US for indoor places such as restaurants and gyms. Some business owners are not having it and other ones praise it.

Business owners that don’t feel the mandate is fair because they will have a hard time verifying if people are submitting valid vaccine cards. Some of the business owners also feel that patrons coming to the restaurant without a vaccine card will start complaining and then go to another venue.

Many business owners seem to be on board with the new mandate as they say it protects their employees as well as fellow patrons. But people that have gotten the vaccine can still transmit COVID to somebody else. Getting the vaccine will help avoid serious illness and hospitalization due to what has been reported on the science with people getting the vaccine.

However, many citizens feel it is a violation of their health privacy rights in order for the government to mandate them getting a vaccine. This issue has become political, where it should only be about the health and safety of our citizens.

Many cities such as Los Angeles are now  again requiring masks be worn inside retail establishments, such as malls, hospitals and other commercial venues.

San Francisco is the first city to mandate wearing the mask at gyms and restaurants beginning August 20 and requires proof of full vaccination.

NYC is not as strict and only requires proof of at least one vaccine. The mandate will take effect September 13th in New York City.

The upcoming football Saints game introducing the NFL season will be hosted at the Caesars Superdome and more than 70,000 fans will attend. New Orleans has enacted a vaccine mandate for those that have at least received one vaccine starting this coming Monday for bars restaurants and the Superdome.

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