Is It Safe To Eat at Taco Bell During The Pandemic?

The pandemic has hit the whole world hard and still affects our country.

Every day hundreds and sometimes thousands of people find themselves infected. The world is changing and has taken on a series of  life habits that if we had thought of them a year ago we would have considered them absurd. Now they appear to us as normal. As you know, there have been several changes in the food industry. One of the most important chains is Taco Bell. Is it really safe to eat and spend our time in these places nowadays? Let’s find out together.

Taco Bell is one of the most popular restaurant chains in our nation.Observing what was happening in the rest of the world, Taco Bell was among the first chains to make sure it had proper protocols to keep employees and consumers safe. In an interview with Mark King, CEO Taco Bell recently added a comprehensive list of new measures to fulfill that safety demand.

As Chief Executive Officer of Taco Bell Corp., Mark King is responsible for driving overall brand strategy and performance of the business in the U.S. and internationally. Drawing on his retail experience and track record of driving innovation, brand relevance and culture, Mark accelerates the innovation, sales growth and unique brand identity that makes Taco Bell a Category of One.Before joining Taco Bell, Mark served as president of adidas North America from 2014-2018. Under his leadership, adidas market share doubled in under three years and sales tripled in four years. In addition, Mark cultivated new energy for the company’s culture resulting in the double number of employees at adidas, an industry-shattering retention rate, the highest employee net promoter score in the company and more than 500,000 job applications in one year.

Prior to adidas, Mark spent 34 years at TaylorMade, quickly rising from a territory sales representative to president of TaylorMade in 1999 and CEO in 2002. During Mark’s tenure as president and CEO, TaylorMade became the leading and most profitable golf company in the world, catapulting the business from $300 to more than $1.85 billion in sales. Source:

In every Taco Bell restaurant both in urban restaurants and in drive-thru’s, it was decided to open only for takeout. Here is what the security protocol set up by the Taco Bell chain provides-

  • All employees, and not just cooks, must always wear a mask and gloves.
  •  Payments are made without any contact. For payment by card, the cashier will keep the POS outside the window to allow the customer to use his card. No pin or signature will be required to guarantee no contact. In any case, the POS is disinfected after each transaction. If you pay in contacts, the customer must leave the money on a special sanitized tray. To further reduce the contact, Taco Bell encourages you to place the order through the app.
  •  Each order is delivered to the customer using a sanitized tray. No contact with the cashier, the cashier has no contact with food.
  •  Orders are completely sealed once completed.
  • At the beginning of each shift there is a temperature control before the employee can access or come into contact with anything related to the restaurant.
  •  Maximum cleaning of the premises for each point of contact with the customer.
  •  Extra sanitization for customers that include both dining rooms and personal sanitization.In addition to all this, staff are required to follow regular hygiene and cleaning courses offered by the company.

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