Is there a pill that can help deal with long COVID?

Although the final wave of COVID-19 is almost crashing on the shore as the omicron variant has been milder than others, there are a minority of people who are suffering from what is termed as long COVID. They continue to experience symptoms that affect their daily lives. So, a possible source of alleviation of symptoms has been found by using antihistamine pills as they offer a sense of relief.

People with long COVID suffer from a variety of symptoms that include brain fog, joint pain as well as fatigue. The symptoms can linger for a long time. They may be mild or severe and can continue for weeks disrupting normal routines.

The effect of antihistamines on long term symptoms was a matter of serendipity. Two health care workers, who remain unidentified, had taken over the counter (OTC) antihistamines to treat other conditions.

Jane Doe A took the pill as she had an allergic reaction to dairy after eating cheese. She had been suffering from chest pain as well as headaches. She had a rash and bruises. She took an antihistamine pill and her fatigue disappeared, almost totally. When it reappeared 72 hours later, she took another pill and gained relief, once again.

Following this, her doctor prescribed antihistamines and she regained about 90 percent of her functions at pre-COVID levels. She is reportedly doing well, nine months since.

Jane Doe B took the allergy pill as it was her usual medication. The next morning she found that her cognitive skills had improved and she also felt less fatigue. She has reportedly recovered 95 percent of her daily functions to pre-COVID levels.

According to the Daily Mail, report author Melissa Pinto, associate professor of nursing at UC Irvine said there was no cure, as yet for long COVID. She added that it was good that over the counter medicines offered hope and patients should take reports like theirs to providers so that they could “help create a regimen that worked.”

She also said that broad based trials on the efficacy of antihistamines should be conducted. She added that dosage schedules for clinical practice guidelines should also be developed.

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