Jacob Chansley aka ‘QAnon Shaman,’ the face of the Capitol riot, willing to testify at Trump’s impeachment trial



As Trump’s impeachment trial looms, with initial procedures set to begin on February 8, there has been no clarity on bringing witnesses in to testify, as of now. However, Albert Watkins, who is the lawyer for the ‘QAnon Shaman’ has said that his client is willing to testify at Trump’s impeachment trial.


The St. Louis attorney has said that his client Jacob Angeli Chansley felt that he had been duped by the former President. When Trump had announced the list of names who had received a presidential pardon or commutation of sentence Chansley’s name had not figured in the list, despite his request to the former president.


Watkins feels like his client testifying before the Senate would paint a clear picture about how at least one and maybe more of the protesters felt that they were following their leader’s orders. He could be joined by four other protesters who have been charged by federal authorities for their role in the Capitol siege.


Jake Chansley has been an old and faithful follower of Trump. He has been seen in innumerable rallies in support of the former president. He said that he and other protesters had gone to Washington DC to support their president and to follow his orders as per court records.


The 33-year old became perhaps the most recognized protester among the thousands who marched. His fur outfit, the horns, the spear and not to forget the American flag he carried, made him stand out among the huge mob which stormed through the capital. He also wrote a threatening letter to the former vice president Mike Pence.


He not only became a known figure for his individualistic appearance but also for his request for organic food. He had turned himself in to the federal authorities. He also said that he regretted being duped as well as regretted being in a position where he made decisions that should not have been made.


Jacob Chansley will be entering a plea to charges framed against him on Friday in Washington. The charges include civil disorder and demonstrating in a Capitol building.

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