Jennifer Lopez says she feels like an “outsider” in Hollywood


Jennifer Lopez (JLo) recently said that she felt like an outsider in Hollywood. It could sound surprising to many as she is into so many different fields including acting, singing, dancing, launching a beauty business and more. JLo recently made a video for Sephora, her signature beauty line and opened up about her feelings as she promoted Latinx Heritage Month.


In the video, Jennifer Lopez described Latinas as fearless and powerful. She said that they were able to accomplish anything that they set their minds to, but she also admitted that the courage did not mean that she had never felt “out-of-place.”


She also said that she thought that it was important for all of them to feel that they belong and that similar to most people, there were many times when she felt that she was an “outsider.” She said that she felt like that in Hollywood, sometimes. She said that the truth was that “all we need is our little tribe.”


Lopez has been successful and had a long career in Hollywood. It is difficult to say when she felt that she was excluded. However, TMZ suggested that it could be a recent feeling as she didn’t get an Academy Award, despite her charismatic performance as Ramona in Hustlers.


Many fans were disappointed that she didn’t get the award. At that time Tyler Perry appeared on CBS This Morning and said that he thought that Jennifer Lopez “should have been recognized.”


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been back together from a while. They have been showered with a lot of love from their fans who are thrilled to see Bennifer back. They have made several appearances together including one on the red carpet.


So, it is difficult to believe that JLo feels like she’s not a favorite Hollywood star as she is the recipient of so much love and affection. However, TMZ’s report also has an underlying suggestion that her recent comments may probably help sales of her Sephora beauty products. According to TMZ  it might just prove that she is a “grade-A marketer” in addition to being a singer, actor, and dancer.


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