Jennifer Lopez replies to a commenter’s claims about her looks saying she never did Botox, injectables or had surgery





Jennifer Lopez claimed that she had never done Botox or any injectables or surgery when asked by a commenter on Instagram.

 She had shared a video where she is thrilled by the results from using the “That Limitless Glow Mask” from her recently launched JLo Beauty Line.

 The commenter had doubts whether JLo’s skin was a result of her mask which she promoted on a video on Instagram. She mentioned that the star’s brows and forehead didn’t move at all when she spoke or tried to express and that she had Botox and tons of it.

 The commenter ended the post: “And it’s all good. Just saying.”

 Lopez also asked the commenter to be more positive, more kind and to uplift others. She also told the commenter not to spend time bringing others down, that will keep the commenter youthful and beautiful too. She sent love to her commenter.

 Some rushed to JLo’s defense calling the commenter “envious.”

 Others shared the commenter’s skepticism and accused JLo of misrepresenting her routine and putting a stigma on Botox.

 One comment read, “I mean, I love her but honestly no lines?! Come one,”

 In December, when she spoke to Elle, she had said that she reminds herself every day that she is youthful and timeless at every age. She said that positive self-talk in one’s head creates a beautiful person inside out.

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