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Joe Biden’s Victory in the U.S. Elections 2020 Officially Affirmed by the Electoral College



 After weeks of drama, posturing and legal cases by President Donald Trump and some of his Republicans, the Electoral College finally affirmed Joe Biden’s victory.

 The process began at 10 am when electors in New Hampshire gave their four votes to Joseph R. Biden Jr. By Monday noon battleground states including Arizona, Pennsylvania and Georgia also officially endorsed Biden, followed by New York.

 When California added its 55 votes for Mr. Biden his electoral tally crossed the threshold of 270 Electoral College votes required to win the presidency. This put the official seal on his victory. All the efforts of President Trump and some of his fellow Republicans using legal challenges and political pressure finally came to naught.

 President elect Joe Biden called for unity. He said “it is time to turn the page” on the election. He praised the officials who maintained the integrity of the system. He said, “It was honest, it was free, and it was fair. They saw it with their own eyes. And they wouldn’t be bullied into saying anything different.”

 Despite the turmoil created by President Trump and some his supporters, Mr. Biden’s victory was a staid and formal affair, devoid of unnecessary drama, as is the norm. Monday’s voting went smoothly. The entire country and most of its representatives are looking forward to a peaceful transition of power on January 20, 2021.


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    who is winning or losing?

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