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Joe Rogan gets a rebuke from White for comments against COVID-19 vaccine


Joe Rogan, a podcaster on Spotify, a popular streaming platform told his viewers on last Friday that it was not necessary to get a coronavirus vaccine… The influence was the highest earner and is currently the most popular host on the platform. White House officials expressed their strong displeasure against him on Wednesday.


On Wednesday, White House communications director Kate Bedingfield told CNN that she was not sure that taking scientific and medical advice from Joe Rogan was the most productive way to get information. She also asked if “Joe Rogan became “a medical doctor while we weren’t looking?”


Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the major advocates behind the COVID-19 vaccine and President Biden’s chief medical adviser called his recommendations self-serving and counterproductive as the nation was looking to ramping up vaccinations so more of the country could be opened safely.


Speaking on NBC’s “Today” show, he said that even someone did not have symptoms they were propagating the outbreak. He said that it was likely that a person who did not have symptoms may inadvertently and innocently infect someone else, who in turn may infect someone else and the cycle of infections would continue and would lead to a severe outcome.


He added, “So, if you only wanted to worry about yourself and not society, that’s OK.” He said that if people thought even if they got infected and had no symptoms, they could do damage to others so they should get vaccinated.


President Biden urged people who have not been vaccinated, especially younger ones, to get vaccinated so that lives can be saved, lives of others around them can be saved and things could get back to closer to normal soon.


In the recent past, the vaccine drive has slowed down due to hesitancy and unscientific comments from influencers like Joe Rogan, if followed, would slow down reopening efforts and increase infections.

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