Judge rules against Infowars host Alex Jones for false claims on Sandy Hook shooting

According to court documents that were unsealed on Thursday, a judge has ruled that Alex Jones would have to pay damages to the parents of two children who were victims in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. The court ruled that the Infowars host had failed to give evidence that would back up the lies peddled by him. He had called the massacre “a giant hoax.”

Texan Judge Maya Guerra Gamble has issued default judgement for two defamation suits that were filed by parents of the children who were killed as a result of the shooting. The lawsuits were filed against the rightwing host and his outlet in 2018. The amount of damages to be paid to the parents and their law firm will be decided by a jury.

Huffington Post was the first to report the rare ruling of a default judgement as Jones was unable to provide discovery records. He was unwilling to disclose documents related to the case. The judge passed scathing remarks against Jones.

The court documents said that the defendants had a “bad faith approach to litigation” and also mentioned “Mr.Jones public threats.” The ruling also mentioned his beliefs as he had called proceedings “show trials.”

When asked for comments by HuffPost, Jones’ lawyer said that he had no comments on the decision. He also said that he had not analyzed the rulings so he could not say exactly what was going to happen.

Alex Jones is also facing several other lawsuits from other victims’ families as the 2012 mass shooting. Although he later claimed that he no longer believed that the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax, the damage was done by him and his followers. One of his followers, a Floridian named Lucy Richards has faced a 5 month prison sentence for sending threats to Pozner, the father of one of the victims, in 2017.

The conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who is a friend of former Donald Trump, after being introduced to him by Roger Stone, has put forth other conspiracy theories in the past, as well.

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