Justice For Harambe Petition Launched After Zoo Officials Kill Gorilla When Child Falls in Enclosure. Watch Video – CWEB


CWEB.com – The petition calls for “the parents to be held accountable for the lack of supervision and negligence that caused Harambe to lose his life.” The incident occurred at the Cincinnati Zoo. My heart breaks for the loss of this magnificent gorilla, and for his caregivers at the zoo. Once again, humans caused this death by being irresponsible and not paying attention to their child. To those asking why the gorilla was not darted or just wounded, an agitated or wounded animal is more dangerous and unpredictable. Sadly, when humans are involved, the animal will lose every time. Please don’t criticize the care staff, their hearts are broken, this gorilla was born and raised there.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Rraofm4-J0]

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