Kanye West uses similar design developed by indie design maker in Donda T-Shirts without acknowledgement


Kanye West sold shirts with a design that was similar to the one designed by Infinity G8ds, last month. The design company had been selling T-shirts with a similar logo on social media from March. The company’s creative director Randy Dawkins is upset that they did not even get creative credit and that the similarity could affect their brand.


On August 5, Kanye held a listening event for his new album Donda which was dropped later in the month. The event was held at the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta and featured shirts with a design that had a cross inside a Star of David. This design is very similar to a design developed by Infinity G8ds, who also have an infinity sign wrapped around the cross.


The crew at Infinity G8ds told the Daily Beast that they had met with Kanye West. He had like their merchandise and met with them in Atlanta. They provided the videos, emails, and paperwork they signed. However, neither Kanye nor his team spoke of a collaboration.


When the team at Infinity G8ds tried contacting Kanye or his team through Wallace, who introduced them to Kanye, they were also unsuccessful, after the design was released by the rapper.


Dawkins described the situation as “unfortunate” and said that they had to speak up about it, in order to defend their brand because it could affect them. He said that they had their brand out and because of Kanye’s platform and public visibility, it could “dampen” what they had as they “are a small, upcoming brand.”


The company’s meeting with Kanye West, who has been speaking of his spirituality, was a huge disappointment for Dawkins and the entire team. Dawkins said that they  looked up to Kanye West but his recent behavior of not acknowledging the similarities between his and their logo was “like a misjudgment of character” for him.


He said that they were not mad at Kanye West. They were looking for acknowledgement that they “inspired him to create his Donda merch.”


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