Kardashians won’t campaign for Caitlyn Jenner because of divorce and politics


On Friday, Caitlyn Jenner announced that she would be running for the post of governor in California. However, she will not be getting support for her bid from the Kardashians. Her divorce from Kris as well as opposing political views makes it difficult for the family to stand behind her gubernatorial campaign.


The team advising Jenner has included Trump’s former campaign manager, Brad Parscale, and GOP fundraiser Caroline Wren, who also worked for Trump’s campaign.

Jenner also could face questions about a 2015 fatal crash in which she rear-ended two cars. A 69-year-old woman was killed.


Sources that are known to Caitlyn told TMZ that she had spoken to her family before her formal announcement. They also said that she had been prepared for the fact that they may not support her. She has also had diverse views on politics which often clashed with those of her family; in the past.


Years ago, she had been against gay marriages but now she supports them. Kim was active in politics when she worked with the former president Trump on criminal reforms but she never endorsed conservative views. She never publicly endorsed Kayne’s bid for Presidency.


Kim is said to be close to Caitlyn but will not endorse her. The family is not going to support any gubernatorial candidate publicly, including the current governor Gavin Newsom. However, the required numbers of signatures have not as yet been verified for a recall.


Another issue that prevents any family member from endorsing her campaign is her divorce from Kris. Although the divorce was said to be amicable, there are supposedly hard feeling about it. The children also prefer not to get in the middle of the situation.


Many years ago the Kardashians had supported Hillary Clinton. They are said to incline towards the Democrats. During the election, Caitlyn had supported Donald Trump. However, two years down the road, she withdrew her support for him.


The race to unseat California’s governor Gavin Newsom is on. However, it is not as yet confirmed whether there will be a recall or not. The governor and health officials are busy fighting the coronavirus with vaccine drives and putting in policies to revive the economy while others are racing to make a bid for the gubernatorial elections in California. Several weeks ago, Newsom had said that he would fight to retain his governorship.

Five recall attempts have been made in the past since Gavin Newsom became the governor of California in 2019. All of them failed so far. There is likely to be a sixth attempt as there is a huge possibility that the recall group will get the required verified signatures.


If the recall group gets its verified signatures Californians will vote in September or October and decide. Currently Gavin Newsom has 89% approval rating boosted by the pandemic and the economic recovery he is credited for that saved millions of lives in California.

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