King Tutankhamun Egyptian Pharaoh Buried With Dagger Made From Meteorite, Scientists Say. Watch Never seen Full Video of The Curse Of Tutankhamun – CWEB

tutanwoman – The Curse of Tutankhamen. Archeologists from Italy and Egypt analyzed the iron blade of the weapon buried with the king using an X-ray scanning technique. The research was published in Meteoritics and Planetary Science.“This meteorite dagger is not only ludicrously beautiful – indicating that some remarkable craftsmanship went into making it – but it is yet another piece of rarified evidence that the Ancient Egyptians placed great importance on forging ornaments from meteoric iron long before the dawn of the Iron Age. In fact, this meteoritic reverence may be why a composite hieroglyphic term began appearing on tablets at roughly the same time: “iron of the sky.”



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