Larry Elder begins preparations for recall election loss with lawyers, voter fraud website, before election day

Has Larry Elder, the conservative radio host who is standing against California Governor Gavin Newson in the state’s recall election conceded that he has lost the election, even before polling day? Well, although all the voters have not as yet cast their vote as they will be an election in person, the Republican candidate Elder has already hired lawyers and set up a website that could be used by voters to detect fraud.


Former president Donald Trump has been consistently criticized by many for continuing to perpetuate the big lie that the November 2020 presidential elections were fraudulent, despite facts and the courts calling it a baseless allegation. Has Elder taken a leaf out of the playbook of his conservative leader?


Earlier, The Sacramento Bee reported that a link on Elder’s campaign website is labeled as “report election incident.” When users click on the link, they are taken to a form that asks them to report voter fraud’ incidents. It also asks them to sign a petition to investigate the results of the recall.


This website has been set up even before the elections have taken place in-person suggesting that the conservative Republicans might have realized that Gavin Newsom will win the recall. Recent polls suggested that he has over 50 percent of the “No” vote. The first question on the ballot is whether Newsom should be recalled, and the answer expected is a simple Yes or No. All recent polls reports that more than half of the voters of the blue state indicated that they would vote “No.”


When the SacBee asked Elder’s campaign for comment on the website, they did not respond.


Although the Republicans, first Trump and now Elder keep casting doubts about mail ballots, several studies have found that these ballots show little evidence of favoring one party over the other. According to the New York Times, in the 2020 presidential elections, Donald Trump won 9 out of the 16 states where more than 50 percent of voters cast their ballot by mail.


California has a huge presence of registered Democratic voters. Although these voters might have been upset with the handling of COVID-19 and other issues by Newsom, they know that the only alternative is a conservative Republican who has strong conservative views on women and other liberal issues.


The Democrats in California have not put any of their party’s candidates on the replacement list, denying their voters another Democrat candidate to choose from. So, it is extremely likely that most of the registered Democrats will would “No” on the recall despite the fact that they are upset with Governor Gavin Newsom as the alternative becoming a governor of the Golden Stat might be considered worse by them, for the administration of the state.


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