LeBron James on another winning spree as Space Jam: A New Legacy makes $32M


Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has done it again. One more victory for the immensely popular NBA star as his movie Space Jam: A New Legacy pulled in $32 million at its opening weekend. The championship winner has just proved that he can draw in fans, however terrible a movie might me. The movie was the highest grosser this weekend as it flew past the earnings of Black Widow at the box office.


On July 17, he tweeted a shout out to his haters with a simple message “Hi Haters!” with a grinning emoji. He attached a Deadline link that  reported that Space Jam: A New Legacy had beaten the box office collections of Marvel’s Black Widow. LeBron’s movie debuted this weekend in theaters and on HBO Max.


With $32 million, Space Jam: A New Legacy also gave Warner Bros’ its best opening weekend in the pandemic while overtaking the $28.2 million earned by Godzilla vs Kong in its opening weekend.


Critics have been harsh on the film with a 31 rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 36 on Metacritic but that doesn’t really matter as LeBron James’ fans were pouring in to watch the movie in theaters as well as on the streaming platform of HBO.


The original Space Jam movie which starred Michael Jordan was released in 1996. It had also been panned by the critics, a quarter of a century ago. However, it still has a fair share of fans among a particular age group. LeBron James’ sequel might also have a similar impact. Both the movies are available on HBO Max.


LeBron James has acted in other movies but Space Jam: A New Legacy is the first one where he plays the lead role. He has added one more role to his multifaceted life which includes:


  • the face of the league
  • a successful businessman
  • a producer
  • a lead actor

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