Liz Cheney admits she was ‘wrong’ in opposing same sex marriages on 60 minutes


In a recent appearance on CBS’s 60 minutes Republican Representative from Wyoming Liz Cheney aired her views on a number of diverse topics. The interview was on air on Sunday night. The daughter of former Republican Vice President Dick Cheney, has been under fire from her own party members for her vocal criticism of former president Trump as well as her position as vice chair on the House Select Committee that is investigating the Jan 6 Capitol attack.

When asked why she was still in the Republican Party despite constant criticism from Donald Trump, conflict with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and a majority of her fellow GOP members who believe that President Joe Biden did not win the November 2020 presidential elections, she said that she was “not ready to cede the Republican party.”

Her seat is coming up for elections during the 2022 midterms and Trump has already endorsed Harriet Hageman to stand against her. The GOP is also trying to get other Republican hopefuls to drop out so Hageman can poll all the anti-Cheney votes.

However, Liz Cheney has a fair share of covert support from many Republicans who are quietly supporting her as they don’t wish to antagonize an already furious Trump. She has overt support from a prominent Republican, the former president George W. Bush. He has said that he would hold a fundraiser for her in October, at his home in Dallas.

Another important issue she spoke about in her 60 minutes interview on CBS was same sex marriage. She said that she was “wrong.” She called it a very personal issue and said it was very personal for her family too.

She said that in her family she believed that her “dad was right.” She added that she had spoken with her sister and that “Freedom” meant “freedom for everybody.” Her sister Mary is married to a woman.

She also said her election was going to be the most important House race in 2022. She said that a vote for her would be a vote that stood for the “Constitution” and a vote against her was in favor of someone who was “willing to put allegiance to Trump above allegiance to the Constitution.”

Source LA Times, CBS News

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