Madonna had some regrets for missing some amazing roles in her entertainment career

Did you know that the Material Girl is a teeny-tinny bit like the rest of us? Ah! Yes. The Queen of Pop who is known for her fierce attitude towards life admitted that she had regrets, like the rest of us. On an appearance on The Tonight Showing Starring Jimmy Fallon, on Thursday, Madonna admitted that she had missed out on starring in blockbusters despite being offered them and she had “teeny-tiny” regrets.

Madonna was on Fallon’s show to promote her documentary Madam X but the focus quickly shifted to the rumored roles she had turned down especially as the True Blue pop singer revealed some of the names of these films.

Fallon asked Madonna about two roles that she purportedly turned down:

Catwoman in Batman Returns
Nomi Malone in Show Girl

While Madonna dismissed the role in Show Girls as something that she didn’t really care about, she did describe the role of Catwoman as “fierce” and said that she regretted passing on the role.


However, the blond bombshell threw in a surprise that kept everyone buzzing about. Her stunning revelation was that she had turned down a role in The Matrix. She asked the 47-year old Fallon, “Can you believe that?” She added that she “wanted to kill” herself.

The Queen of Pop is most likely referring to the role of Trinity, the only female lead in the film. It was played by Carrie-Ann Moss.

Fallon joked, “Poor Madonna.”

Madonna added that The Matrix was the one of the best movies to have ever been made and said that a “teeny-tiny part” of her regretted “just that one moment” in her life.

The Matrix trilogy grossed more than $1.6 billion dollars including global releases. There will be a fourth film called The Matrix Resurrections that is scheduled to be released in December.

The 63-year old pop diva, whose music career is legendary, could have had a legendary movie career as well had she not passed over these two roles. Well, she does have a Paramount+ concert special soon so she will continue to enthrall fans and others as well as perhaps direct more movies in future.

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