Majorie Taylor Greene personal Twitter account permanently suspended, for COVID misinformation

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On Sunday, Twitter permanently suspended Republican Majorie Taylor Grreene’s verified personal account. The social media service said that she had violated Twitter’s policy on misinformation about coronavirus. The pro-Trump loyalist’s suspension comes just under a year after Donald Trump’s Twitter account was permanent suspended after the January 6 Capitol riot.

The Georgia GOP representative still has access to her official congressional account. She can tweet from the account @RepMTG. The account that has been suspended is her personal one @mtgreene. She used this personal account for most of her tweets.

On Saturday, Taylor-Greene falsely mentioned “extremely high amounts of Covid vaccine deaths.” She added a misleading chart. This chart had taken data from a government data base that consisted of unverified raw data.


Twitter said that it was the fifth “strike” against her. A fifth strike means that this particular account has been permanently suspended. In August, she received her fourth strike for posting that vaccines were failing.

Twitter had introduced a policy in March that explained its stance on sharing lies about coronavirus and vaccines. It had mentioned that those who violated this policy would get strikes against them. The social media platform also mentioned that constant violations could lead to a permanent suspension.

The Republican representative released a statement after the Twitter ban. She said social media platforms could not “stop the truth from being spread far and wide.” She also said that Big Tech were unable to stop the truth, nor could the Communists. She said that she stood with the truth and the people and that they would “overcome.”

She also posted on Telegram that Twitter was “an enemy to America” and that it could not handle the truth.

Rep Majorie Taylor Greene has been suspended amid a surge of coronavirus cases in the nation. The omicron variant, which is highly transmissible, is on the rise across almost all states in the nation. The U.S. is seeing the record breaking number of cases per day, such as have never been seen in the entire duration of the pandemic.

Recently, former president Donald Trump said that all three COVID vaccines that were available to all in the U.S. were effective. He also said that he had taken a booster shot. Yet, some of his fiercest loyalists continued to spread misinformation and Rep. Majorie Taylor-Greene has been permanently suspended from Twitter, on Sunday.

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