Meghan McCain Steps Down from ABC’s The View During Live Telecast: Co-hosts are surprised



On Thursday, Megan McCain was live on air on ABC’s The View when she dropped a bombshell. She announced that she was resigning from the show, after four years. She said, “I am going to rip the band aid off.” She said that she was leaving the show as she was moving to Washington DC to raise her daughter and called it “not an easy decision.”


Earlier on Thursday, the Daily Mail had said that she would be quitting the show by the end of the month, despite being under contract for two more years. A source told the Daily Mail that her co-hosts did not know that she was stepping away from the show.


Meghan McCain co-hosts The View with


  • Whoopi Goldberg
  • Joy Behar
  • Sara Haines
  • Sunny Hostin
  • Ana Navarro


Meghan McCain announced her decision during the opening segment. She said that she was “going to rip the bandaid off.” She told her co-hosts and viewers at home that this was going to be her last season at The View. She said that it was not easy to leave but she felt that this was the right decision for her at this point of time.


She said that she had built a wonderful life in Washington DC when she was pregnant with her daughter Liberty at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. She said that she would remain till the end of July. She praised her co-hosts who also returned the compliment.


The source who spoke to Daily Mail said that the show had tried to retain her services, but she was adamant about her decision to leave. Meghan McCain got married to Ben Domenech in 2017. They have a daughter Liberty born in September 2020.


Meghan McCain has been in the news not just because she is the daughter of Senator John McCain and Cindy McCain who has been nominated for Ambassadorship by President Joe Biden in a bipartisan move. Meghan McCain has been


  1. A columnist for the Daily Beast
  2. A host on Fox News
  3. An MSNBC contributor
  4. Host of the docuseries Raising McCain in 2013
  5. Host of late-night program Take Part Live on Pivot TV
  6. New York Times bestselling author for her book My Dad, John McCain in 2008

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