Mouthwash And Nasal Rinses May Lower The Transmission And Spread Of Coronaviruses


The recent pandemic has created an unprecedented environment of fear and anguish. However, scientists, especially virologists have been researching human coronaviruses to slow down and decrease their transmission. Wearing of masks and social distancing significantly decrease transmission. Additional strategies are also required especially for medical and dental personnel. A team of scientists lead by Craig Myers, Richard Robison and Samina Alam have studied the effects of mouthwashes and nasal rinses in decreasing transmission as they have a direct impact on the major sites of reception and transmission i.e. the mouth and the nose, of human coronaviruses.


They tested a large number of over-the counter mouthwashes/gargles and nasal rinses and found them to be effective. These healthcare products were very effective in inactivating human coronaviruses HCoV in time periods as small as 30 seconds contact time and up to two minutes contact time. They have virucidal properties and can serve as an additional precaution to complement other antiviral procedures and healthcare precautions. Although SARS-CoV-2, the pandemic coronavirus currently encapsulating the world was not studied, the researchers say that mouthwashes and rinses may give additional protection. Clinical trials are necessary to confirm these virucidal properties.



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