Muhammad Ali Former Heavyweight Champion Reportedly on Life Support After Being Hospitalized. Watch Exclusive Video Footage – CWEB

Muhammad-Ali-quotes-20150787157420 – Muhammad Ali, 74, who has advanced Parkinson’s disease, was taken to the hospital Thursday due to respiratory issues. He was placed on life support Friday to regulate his breathing, multiple outlets reported. ts dreadful to hear muhammad ali’s respiratory issue, I met him on a flight once and once astonished and surprised to meet a legend like him. He is 74 years old. He is beyond just a boxing champ. He gave up EVERYTHING in his prime for his beliefs. Not many would give all that up. He is a great, great man. He defined the terms of his public reputation unlike anyone I can think of.Having watched a documentary about Ali’s life it would appear that his management team knew about his Parkinson’s condition, but encouraged him to fight just the same. The attraction of money can ruin even the greatest men’s lives, if those around them stand to gain from it.





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