Musk acknowledges that Tesla’s Cybertruck may ‘flop’ but loves its design




On Thursday, on Twitter his favorite social media platform, Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla said that there was a possibility that the electric vehicle maker’s Cybertruck could “flop.” However, he insisted that the “trapezoid” design of the truck would remain. He also mentioned that he personally loved its design, so he was not bothered by the risk of failure.


He posted on Twitter that other trucks looked like copies of the same design, but their truck was unlike anyone else’s, and he loved the design even if others did not. He said that the Tesla Cybertruck looked like it was made by “aliens” who came from the future.


In 2019, Musk had asked Franz Von Holzhausen, the design lead, to try to smash the windows of the Cybertruck. He did it with a metal ball and the glass shattered but stayed in place. Despite the drama and uncertainty of the launch, Musk had said that they had received such huge orders that they had stopped counting after half million.


On Thursday, Musk also said that the truck would not have door handles. However, it is unknown if such a feature can be incorporated as all vehicles in the U.S. have to follow Federal Motor Vehicles Standard.


Musk also spoke of the addition of a four-wheel steering system to the truck. A four-wheel system could allow it to move diagonally in a straight line. It will also help to maneuver the steel contraption in to and out of limited spaces.


However, Tesla’s competition Ford and GMC later revealed battery powered trucks that were close to  traditional designs. The Ford is manufacturing the F-150. GM is manufacturing a Hummer Electric Vehicle. This EV already features “crab mode.”


During its first quarter however investor presentation, Tesla mentioned that its Cybertruck was still in production. The second quarter results are expected on July 26 and the company could also update investors about the progress of the trapezoid Cybertruck.


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