NASA Asteroid Causes Sonic Boom as It Flies Over Phoenix, Agency Says. Live Video Crash and Smoke Trails – CWEB

fireball-1356068_960_720 – In the pre-dawn moments (3:56 am local time) on Thursday, June 2, a massive fireball was seen northeast of Phoenix, Arizona, turning night into day! Light from the explosion blinded all sky cameras as far away as New Mexico, and was caused by a small asteroid about 5-10 feet in diameter. The attached video is from an EarthCam in Sedona, over 70 miles from the event, and shows just how bright this meteor lit up the sky! There are very likely meteorites on the ground from this event. The airburst shook the ground below and produced a flash of light 10x brighter than a full Moon. NASA says it was a 3-meter wide space rock from beyond the orbit of Mars.


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