NC Rep. Madison Cawthorn announces divorce from wife Cristina within a year of marriage

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On Wednesday night, on Twitter, North Carolina Representative Madison Cawthorn announced that he and his wife were getting a divorce after eight months of marriage. The reasons for the divorce included his lifestyle as a congressman and other differences.

Cawthorn married Cristina Bayardellle, who is a 27-year old Instagram fitness influencer. She also competed in CrossFit events. She also had a license as an anesthesiologist that was given by the state of Florida. A friend introduced them to each other in a gym in Miami. The couple married on April 3, roughly three months after he joined Congress and on the seventh anniversary of a fatal crash crash in which he was badly injured.

The congressman is known for his controversial speeches. According to The News & Observer, he gave a speech at a Turning Point Action Event on Tuesday. He said that he would be considered to be a radical and an extremist as he believed that people should be Christian, that people should get married young and that they should have lots of children. On Wednesday, he announced his divorce.

Cawthorn said that he and his wife had gone for counseling to fight for their marriage but they were unable to find a balance after he became a congressman, in a post the next day. He also said that life was difficult and hectic. He said that it was not the lifestyle and pace that they had planned and that they had “irreconcilable differences” between them.

Cawthorn has been accused of alleged sexual misconduct in the past. He has faced numerous scandals including lies or exaggerations about the story of his life, according to The News & Observer. The Daily Mail reported that he was allegedly accused of making unwanted advances of a sexual nature to more than 30 women, in 2016, during a semester at a Christian college in Virginia. In February, an article in BuzzFeed News detailed allegations from several former classmates though the rep. denied the allegations.

North Carolina Representative Madison Cawthorn was the youngest congressman at 25, in 2020. He is also a Trump supporter and had said that the election was stolen.


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