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Neha Patel Wife of Doctor Who Drove Tesla Over Cliff Says Husband ‘Tried to Kill’ Them

Neha Patel Wife of Doctor Who Drove Tesla Over Cliff Says Husband ‘Tried to Kill’ Them



Cops Arrest California Radiologist for Attempted Murder, Suspect He ‘Intentionally’ Drove Family Off ‘Devil’s Slide’ Cliff. Credit Facebook

Neha Patel, the wife of a Pasadena doctor accused of trying to kill his family, claimed that her husband deliberately drove their Tesla off the 250-foot cliff. When paramedics pulled Neha Patel from a white Tesla that had veered off of Highway 1 at Devil’s Slide cliff, and down to the beach, she was still conscious. As she was being rescued, Neha Patel made statements that apparently helped lead to the attempted murder charges against her husband who was driving the car.

42-year-old Dharmesh A. Patel was charged with first-degree attempted murder and child abuse was brought against, and he was taken into custody at the Maguire Correctional Facility in San Mateo County, California.

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According to San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe, after paramedics rappelled down the sheer cliff face to rescue the family, Patel’s wife, who is still in the hospital, said: “He intentionally tried to kill us.” Wagstaffe made it clear that although Neha was not questioned by his prosecutors, they had enough information to proceed with the charges even without her testimony.

Patel was seriously injured in the collision and spent three weeks in the hospital before being transferred to jail. After the crash on January 2, the California Highway Patrol detained Patel on suspicion of attempted murder and endangering a child, but prosecutors didn’t file charges against him until last week after he had been discharged from the hospital. His wife and two kids were also later allowed to leave the hospital.


Authorities called the family’s rescue from the wrecked car, which fell 250 to 300 feet, an “absolute miracle.” The miracle, however, was short-lived after Patel was detained by police while he was still in the hospital because of suspicions that the collision was deliberate.

In addition to Neha’s testimony, Wagstaffe said that prosecutors also obtained video from a tunnel prior to the crash site showing Patel “making a sharp right turn over the cliff.” Two witnesses in cars behind the Patels who will testify that they did not see the car brake before it went over the cliff have also been spoken to by the prosecution, he added.

Wagstaffe said, after Patel’s court appearance on Monday, at a news conference that they had concluded that he intentionally drove his vehicle over that cliff, as the evidence supports. He obviously endangered the lives of his wife and two children but also his own life. Patel was mandated to be detained without bail.

The Patels’ neighbors in Pasadena’s tree-lined cul-de-sac were shocked by the arrest. They have always found the family beautiful and idyllic.

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