Netflix launches scavenger hunt for NFTs for Love, Death + Robots show on Web3

The third season of Netflix’s show “Love, Death + Robots is streaming on its platform and to make it more exciting the streaming giant is offering a series of non fungible tokens (NFTs) related to the sci-fi show, together with Feature, a Web3 studio. Fans have go on a scavenger hunt on episodes, videos as well as physical spaces, such as billboards to get these artworks.

Netflix is rewarding its fans with nine show related NFTs. The QR-Coded digital NFTs have to be searched for and found in different spaces both online as well as in the real world. They will be scattered across the physical and digital worlds. Fans have to put in effort in the scavenger hunt to find all the animated NFTs. The freshly minted NFTs are a result of the collaboration of the show with Feature, a popular Web3 studio.

Each NFT represents artwork from one of the episodes. There are nine episodes in the animated series “Love, Death & Robots.” So, fans can find a total of nine NFTs with some effort across the physical worlds and the digital world. To date, four QR codes can be spotted across the nation; on billboards, on videos or on episodes.

Viewers who find and scan a QR code have the option to mint the artwork as an NFT or to save it with a right click. Only fans in the U.S. will be able to mint the artworks. They have to use a MetaMask wallet or a Coinbase account.

The price of each NFT is a a small gas fee. It costs only 0.0022 ETH which is roughly equivalent to $3.79. Neither Netflix nor the show producers are earning any revenue from the scavenger hunt.

Many TV shows are joining Web3 by using NFTs as promotion tools. Netflix’s animated show “Love, Death + Robots is one among them. Retailers, fashion houses, apparel and footwear makers have also used NFTs to promote their products and merchandise. They use Web3 to market their products and often reward their customers with NFTs related to their physical merchandise.

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