Newsom nationalizes California recall as he fights to retain governorship


On Saturday, both Governor Gavin Newsom and  Senator Elizabeth Warren made the September 14 recall election a national issue. Speaking at Culver City High School, Newsom warned the audience about the outcome of the state if Republican Larry Elder won the recall vote.


Newsom told the audience that they had seen the Big Lie, they had seen what had happened on January 6. He also reminded them that there have been voter suppression laws across the country and reminded them of what had just happened in Texas.


He said that although they had defeated Donald Trump, they had not defeated Trumpism. He said that it was still alive in the country and had come to the state of California. In his message he was warning the voters in the state that California could become like Texas and Florida if voters removed him and  put a Republican in his place.


Elizabeth Warren continued with the same theme on stage. She said that governors matter referring to the laws passed by Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis against mask mandates that lead to an increase in coronavirus cases and Texas’ governor Greg Abbott who made abortion laws extremely strict.


Senator Warren told the audience that if they worried about what happened in Texas or Florida or South Dakota and how it would affect the future of the nation, then Larry Elder as the governor of the state should absolutely terrify them.


She went for the punch line by mentioning that Larry Elder dreamt of being California’s own Donald Trump. She added that she didn’t know about the audience, but she knew that she would fight with everything that she had to prevent “one more Donald Trump Republican in office.”


Recent polls through summer showed that the Republicans were very enthusiastic while the Democrats had a luck luster attitude about the recall vote. Democrats, who prefer mail in votes, have already sent their ballots. However, Republicans tend to turn out in large numbers for in person voting and this could make it a close race.


This recall vote could be close more due to apathy from Democrats rather than popularity of the Republican candidate. So, the Democratic Party has brought out the big names to campaign for Newsom. Vice President Kamala Harris is expected to pitch in for Newson on Wednesday and the party is hoping that President Joe Biden will also make a trip to California before September 14.


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