Nick Cannon continues to work after son Zen’s death, says work keeps him going

On Tuesday, Nick Cannon announced that his son Zen, whom he had with Alyssa Scott had died on Sunday, December 5. The five-month old baby had a rare type of brain tumor. Nick has continued shooting episodes of his show, after his son’s death as he said that work kept him going.

He spoke to TMZ when he was in and out of an endodentist’s office as he had gone for three root canal treatments. He said that work was one of the things that helped him push through so he was going to continue to push through.

He told the outlet that he had found ways to honor Zen and he would continue to do so. When asked by the outlet about his recommendations to other families who were going through similar predicaments he said that he would recommend “Prayer.”

The 41-year old host also said that his son had taught him so much. He also mentioned that Zen had taught him “about fatherhood” in the short five months of time that they had spent together.

The America’s Got Talent host said that he had a tattoo of his son as a reminder. On Friday, during an episode of the Nick Cannon Show, he displayed a tattoo on his rib cage that showed Zen as an angel. There was a shawl across the angel which had a single word, “Zen.” He mentioned that getting the tattoo was “painful” but added that it was worth “every minute” of that pain. He said that his son was by his “side” as his “angel.”


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In another episode of the Nick Cannon Show he addressed his mindset. He said that a lot of people asked him why he was at work, many of whom were his family. They said that he needed “to go sit down somewhere.”

Cannon shared with his viewers that he appreciated all the advice given to him and he knew that it came from a place of care. He said that for him it was “not work” it was “love.”

Nick also said that he was continuing with the show as he hoped that he could be “the light.” He thanked his family, especially Alyssa, for doing the best that they could.

He mentioned that people were wondering about how she was doing. He said that she was making it “five minutes at a time.”

Nick Cannon explained the importance of working as therapy when he said, “If I wasn’t here, I’d be probably be in bed, curled up. But you guys give me a reason to get up and get out of bed each and every day.”


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