Olivia Dunne, TikTok Star and LCU Gymnast is blazing through social media


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From this week onwards, NCAA athletes from colleges across the nation can earn through endorsements, images, social media platforms and more. This will help the star athletes to earn while they learn and play sport. Olivia Dunne, a gymnast from Louisiana State University (LSU), is gaining huge benefits as she is already a big star on TikTok. Her profiles on TikTok and Instagram could make her the highest earner among all college athletes.


Olivia Dunne is an 18-year-old gymnast from Hillsdale, New Jersey. Earlier, she was a part of the national gymnastics team in 2017. She was home schooled as she focused on her gymnastics training. Now, she competes in the NCAA for LSU. With the NCAA allowing endorsements, she is all set to earn a million dollars within a short period of time.


She is a college athlete as well as a TikTok star and the new state law in Louisiana that allows athletes to earn from their names, images and likenesses (NIL) will give a boost to her earnings. On July1, 2021 all athletes can capitalize on their NIL.


Dunne is popular on the short video app TikTok as Livvy. She joined the platform in 2020. She is one of the most followed NCAA athlete with 3.9 million followers. She posts videos on


  • gymnastics
  • dance
  • lip-sync
  • challenges


She is also popular on Instagram as livvydunne. She has 1,084,494 followers on Instagram. This makes it a total of about 5 million followers on social media.




All NCAA athletes have been excited after the latest earning potential and are looking forward to leveraging their social media followings so that they can earn millions, while still in school. These new rules are an added boost for those athletes who do not have scholarships and need to earn, while studying and playing sport.


Olivia Dunne is uniquely positioned among all NCAA athletes as she has a huge social media presence in both TikTok and Instagram, two of the largest social media platforms. She regularly posts on Twitter and posted:


NIL rules change tomorrow, let’s get to work.

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