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Only Fans Celebrity Influencer Faces Second-Degree Charges for Christian Obumseli’s Murder

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Celebrity influencer Courtney Clenney is being charged with second-degree murder for fatally stabbing her boyfriend Christian Obumseli in the chest at a Miami apartment while the two were having an argument on April 3.

In the months prior to his murder, the guy who was fatally stabbed by his OnlyFans model fiancée had been surreptitiously recording her tirade of verbal abuse, which included her calling him the n-word. However, it has since come to light from the tapes used as evidence in the murder case that Clenney hurled racist epithets at her partner, belittling and abusing him both in public and in private.

Police claim that as part of the murder investigation, they were able to collect the audio recordings from Christian’s phone that were initially made available by the Miami Herald. Additionally, the OnlyFans model is heard in the audio clips yelling at Christian to “man up, bitch,” threatening to hit him, and demanding that he locate her phone and charge it.

As they argue over his waving hello to one of his female friends while he was out biking, Obumseli can be heard apologizing in the video recordings. Another video shows Clenney yelling at Obumseli to retrieve her phone before shouting that she wanted her to stay away from her, as the audio ends. Two days later, Courtney and Christian got into a heated argument in which she fatally stabbed him and is now accused of second-degree murder.

Courtney escaped to Hawaii after killing Christian; she was captured there in August and returned to Miami to face charges. Courtney claims she was acting in self-defense since Christian allegedly assaulted her in the past, but Christian’s family is adamant that she was the aggressor.

The tapes, according to Obumseli’s family attorney Larry Handfield, are “chilling” and exhibit a persistent pattern with someone who is out of control. According to them, in the entire relationship, the celebrity influencer is the one who was abusive and aggressive.

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Celebrity OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney arrested for murdering her fiance

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