Peloton has no ‘Axe’ to grind despite a character having a heart attack on its bike

Just weeks ago, Peloton faced a lot of negative publicity when Mr. Big, a popular character in the sequel of “Sex and the City” called “And Just Like That” dies of a heart attack after a workout on a Peloton. The fitness company tried to put a positive spin with an advertisement featuring Ryan Reynolds and Chris Noth (the actor who played Mr. Big) which explained the health benefits of cycling. After the ad was released where the tag line in the end said “he’s alive”, it had to be taken down within days as Chris Noth faced several accusations of sexual misconduct.

Now, another show, “Billions” has shown one of its characters Wags riding on a Peloton. He is interrupted by EMTs who tell him that he is having a heart attack. Later, he returns to the office and makes a reference to the infamous scene last month. Wags tells his co-workers, “I’m not going out like Mr. Big.”

The New York Times reported that the heart attack on a Peloton on “Billions” was coincidental. The scene in “Billions” had been written as well as shot last year. The line referencing Mr. Big was dubbed in much later. Peloton did not say that Wags’ extravagant lifestyle caused the heart attack. Instead, it told the Times that that a good cardio workout had a lot of virtue.

As “Billions” will soon be back on air there are quite a few changes on the show and the Peloton scene would have been a byline if it were not for the serendipitous scene with Mr. Big, last month.

Damien Lewis has left the show as Bobby “Axe” Axelrod exits the company when it is taken over by Mike Prince (played by Corey Stoll). New York Attorney General Chuck Rhoades (Paul Giamatti) helps Prince to displace Axe. Then Prince double crosses Rhoades, who is now back in the fight to campaign against a city that is run by a “cabal of billionaires.”

Meanwhile Prince faces his own problems as the overachievers in the company worshipped Axe and view him with skepticism. The drama, on all fronts, reinvigorates the show and the taut dialogues make the “clash-of-titians interesting, once again, in Season Six beginning on January 23.


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