Pence and Harris: Everything you need to know about tonight’s VP debate


Tonight, October 7th, 2020  vice president Pence and vice president nominee Kamala Harris will take place at 9:00 PM Eastern Time at the University Utah’s Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake City. The debate will laugh 90 minutes. the moderator will be Susan page Washington Bureau chief of USA today. This is one of the most important Vice-Presidential dates in history.

Pence and Harris will be seated at desks just over 12 feet apart  with plexiglass between them. Moderate are Susan page will also be 12 feet from both speakers. The University is taking extra precautions with installing high quality MERV 13  air filters as part of retrofitting the campuses buildings during the pandemic. No masks will be worn by the candidates and there will be no handshakes. Topics are usually disclosed prior to the debate but in this case, they will not be disclosed ahead of time. Vice President Pence will be asked the first question each candidate will have two minutes to respond.

Everyone entering the facility will be tested for COVID-19 before the debate. Anyone not wearing a mask will be asked to leave. High-quality MERV 13 air filters have been installed in the debate hall as part of retrofitting campus buildings during the pandemic, the University of Utah said.

Where to Watch

C-SPAN, Fox, NBC, MSNBC, CVS, and ABC will offer the debate on all of their apps. If you have a streaming service subscription you can watch it with Sling TV, FUBU TV, YouTube, and Hulu.

Coverage starts at 8:00 PM Eastern Time with MSNBC and 9:00 PM Eastern Time with NBC News. You can also stream it on NBC news NOW For free beginning at 8:00 PM Eastern Time it will be available streaming live on NBC universal streaming service, Peacock.

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