Permitless carry is legal, Texans can openly carry guns in public without training


On Wednesday, a new pro-gun law in Texas was approved. It lets most Texans openly carry a gun without a permit or training. People above the age of 21, who do not have felony, assault, terrorist threats or domestic abuse cases, are legally allowed to carry a firearm. It was passed by the House of Representatives 82-62 and Governor Greg Abbott has signed the bill.


Earlier, residents required a license, had to complete training, and pass a written exam and proficiency test. Now, with the new law, police chiefs are worried that their jobs will become tougher than before. Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia said that it would be difficult to know who was “a good guy with a gun” and who was “a bad guy with a gun.”


Andrew Karwoski, a policy expert at Everytown for Gun Safety said that if an individual carried a firearm at a protest or a store, law enforcement could not do much unless the person acted in an illegal manner.


According to Everytown civilians can open carry loaded long guns in 29 state capitals. Several other states, with a majority of conservative lawmakers, have introduced similar legislation. They include


  • Iowa
  • Montana
  • Tennessee
  • Utah


Texas has a long history with guns and the right to carry guns in public. In 1995, concealed carry was signed by the then Governor George W. Bush that allowed Texans to carry a gun in public.


In 2007, the Texas Motorist Protection Act allowed people without a handgun license to keep a gun in their vehicles.


In 2015, the legislature in the Lone Star State allowed guns in university campuses. Open carry was also permitted though a license was required to carry a gun outside a home or a vehicle.


Now in September 2021, after the passing of Senate Bill 1927, open carry without a permit or training is allowed in public, throughout the state of Texas, despite misgivings from law enforcement, firearm instructors and gun advocacy groups.

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