President Biden found “fit” to resume presidential duties after VP Harris becomes first woman president

Image Credit Twitter/ President Joe Biden


Vice President Kamala Harris briefly became the first woman president of the United States, when she was constitutionally handed the office on Friday, when Biden underwent a colonoscopy and physical evaluation. The President was deemed to be fit to resume his duties within two hours.

Physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor wrote a memo that stated that Biden remained “fit for duty” and that he could fully execute “all of his responsibilities without any exemptions or accommodations.”

Dr. O’Connor, who has been his physician from when Biden was the vice president, pointed out two areas of observation that included his frequent throat clearing as well as his gait which was “stiffer and less fluid” when compared with his walking style “a year or so ago.”

Dr. Connor said that the cough was a likely symptom of gastro-esophageal reflux commonly called acid reflux, a condition that could also lead to infrequent sinus congestion. His gait might have been affected as a result of arthritis of the spine as well as normal wear and tear damage related to his age.



During the colonoscopy, one 3mm benign-appearing polyp had been observed and it was “removed without difficulty.” Early next week, doctors will evaluate the polyp, according to Biden’s personal physician.

On Friday, before President Biden was admitted at the Walter Reed Memorial Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, he handed over power to Kamala Harris and the nation’s first woman vice president became the nation’s first woman president for 85 minutes.

According to a tweet from White House press secretary Jen Psaki, president Biden was in “good spirits” after the colonoscopy. He spoke to his vice president Kamala Harris from the hospital, after the transfer of power had ended.

President Biden returned to the White House after his brief time at Walter Reed Memorial Hospital. He pardoned two turkeys Peanut Butter and Jelly as is the ritual during National Thanksgiving Turkey presentation, 2021.


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