President Biden gets booster shot of COVID-19 on camera



On Monday afternoon, on September 27, President Joe Biden got a booster shot of Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine. He took the shot at the South Court Auditorium of the White House’s Eisenhower Executive Office Building. Just like his prior shots, he received the third dose on camera and reporters were also present.

In his usual humorous style, he said that although he did not look like he was over 65, he was way over and that was the reason he was getting the booster shot. The 78-year old president also said that boosters were important but the most important thing they needed to do was “to get more people vaccinated.”

As he was getting his shot, he was talking to reporters. Some of his comments included the fact that he had not got any side effects, earlier when he took the first dose in December, which was also on camera. He had taken the second shot of the coronavirus vaccine after he became President elect in January, on camera as well. He also said that the First Lady Jill Biden would get a booster shot soon.

He also commented that more than one fifth of the American population who had not as yet been vaccinated. He noted that the “distinct minority” was creating huge problems for the rest of the nation.



He also spoke of the importance of businesses mandating requirements and said that he would be traveling to Chicago to underline the importance of being vaccinated.

The World Health Organization has been against the administration of booster doses or the third shot as it believes that wealthier nations should donate their extra doses to the less fortunate ones who have low vaccine rates.

However, Biden defended the rollout of the third dose of the Pfizer shot in the nation and said that America will do its part and they had already given a lot of funds to COVAX, which provides vaccines to different nations who need shots and funds to administer them across the world.

Source CNBC, Washington Post

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