President Biden To Campaign in California For Governor Newsom Before California Recall Vote


On Wednesday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that President Joe Biden would campaign for Governor Gavin Newsom who is facing a recall vote on September 14. There have been doubts about the President’s availability to visit California due to impending Afghanistan crisis and hurricanes on the East coast. However, Psaki said that it was certainly the plan of the President but she didn’t have “a date in this point of time.”


Vice President Kamala Harris is scheduled to visit the Bay Area, her former political grounds on Friday after she returns from her overseas trip to Singapore and Vietnam. Senator Elizabeth Warren has been appearing in advertisements warning Californians that “Trump Republicans” were coming to grab power in California. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Independent Bernie Sanders and many others have also lent their support to Newsom.


President Biden had already tweeted his support for Governor Newsom and lauded his efforts to fight the pandemic and more and said that Newsom led California through unprecedented crises. A personal visit could make a difference as the President is popular in California. Recent polls show that there is a narrow gap in points between Newsom’s supporters and detractors.


The recall voters are full of energy in their quest to remove Governor Newsom, whom they call elitist and have a whole list of arguments on why he should be removed. The Golden State has a large number of Democrats. However, there is a general apathy among them on the recall vote. A push by national Democratic leaders may arouse them from their apathy.


There is no single Republican candidate who is endorsed by the GOP though conservative radio host Larry Elder is leading in popularity with a reported 20 percent



Voters who participate in the poll have to answer two questions. The first one is whether Newsom should be recalled and the second one is who should replace him among a list of 46 candidates. If there are enough “No” votes then the second question becomes irrelevant and that’s what the Democrats are hoping for as there is not a single Democratic candidate among the 46 listed. The recall vote will cost California’s tax payers $276 million.

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