Vigilant Solutions Launches the Vigilant Investigative Center

LIVERMORE, Calif., Oct. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Vigilant Solutions – an AI and data analytics company that provides technology to public safety – today announced the launch of the Vigilant Investigative Center™ (VIC), an AI-driven investigative platform that helps law enforcement to generate leads, so they can prevent and solve crime, keeping officers and communities safe. VIC enables law enforcement personnel to accelerate their field and criminal investigations through access to Vigilant’s facial recognition, automated license plate recognition (ALPR), ballistics analysis, crime gun mapping and body worn video management technologies in one place. VIC also serves as a nationwide sharing platform for law enforcement and allows for integration of data sources.

"Today, law enforcement has a great deal of data at their fingertips, but data alone solves nothing; it is the computational analysis that reveals criminal patterns and trends, and criminal associations," said Shawn Smith, Founder and President of Vigilant Solutions. "The Vigilant Investigative Center was designed by retired law enforcement to provide law enforcement with actionable intelligence derived from analyzing multiple evidentiary data sources. We intend for VIC to be a partner in any investigation, providing the tools an investigator needs to do almost everything, short of conducting interviews and investigations."

VIC is a cloud-based investigative tool comprised of the following components:

  • FaceSearch™ enables investigators to generate leads from video and compare it against tens of millions of mug shots, offering easy importing and integration capabilities, along with pre-populated face image data from Vigilant. Users can analyze and compare 350 facial vectors – even on poor-quality images. Then, investigators can prepare their list of potential candidates for consideration by a human peer review team.
  • PlateSearch™ enables investigators to locate vehicles by searching for plates on their hotlist. Investigators will receive alerts when the plate is spotted. PlateSearch allows investigators to search for vehicles by full plate number, partial plate number or vehicle characteristics, such as make, model or year.
  • BallisticSearch™ helps agencies to easily capture images of discharged cartridge cases and search and compare to other cartridge cases within the BallisticSearch nationwide gallery of cartridge cases in minutes, minimizing or eliminating backlogs that may date back hours, days, weeks months or years.
  • GunOps™ helps investigators to link crimes, guns and suspects to map out hotspots and take prolific offenders off the street earlier and faster. GunOps is a proprietary grid storage technology, which enables the user to input and ingest data sets from Records Management Systems, Computer-Aided Dispatch data and Laboratory Incident Management Systems data on gun-related cases.
  • VideoManager™ provides the agency with complete control over its body worn and in-car camera images. By accessing evidence footage in the cloud, an organization’s personnel can work on the case securely from any device with a Wi-Fi connection.

"We are excited to launch VIC to the law enforcement market," added Smith. "We are confident that it will be an invaluable investigative platform, helping agencies to keep officers safe, solve crime, protect communities and save lives."

About Vigilant Solutions
Vigilant Solutions’ technology helps law enforcement solve crimes faster to keep officers and communities safe. A leader in machine vision and data analytics for the public safety market internationally, Vigilant Solutions provides license plate recognition (LPR), facial recognition, ballistic analysis, firearm mapping and body worn camera technology to deliver intelligence to agencies across the globe. Built for agencies of all sizes, Vigilant Solutions’ technology increases investigative efficiency, generates more leads, connects cases and reduces crimes with advanced analytics, billions of nationwide commercial LPR detections and hosted facial recognition and ballistic image galleries. Bring criminals to justice with Vigilant Solutions. Visit

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