QB Tom Brady takes a shot at Trump’s false election claims and exchanges quips with Biden at White House

On Tuesday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were hosted by President Biden at the White House and it was a good natured meeting with funny quips all around. The President welcomed the team to the White House after they had won the Super Bowl months ago.


President Biden praised the team for bringing cheer to the nation during the tough times of the pandemic. He also had a shoutout for Chris Godwin, the team’s wide receiver who is a Delaware native like Biden. He said that the born in Pennsylvania, raised in Delaware was a “heck of a combination.”


He also joked about coach Bruce Arians age and Tom Brady’s age as they won the Super Bowl as the oldest coach and quarterback and said that he won’t joke about it as he feels that there’s nothing wrong in being the oldest guy on the mountain top. At 78, Joe Biden is the oldest serving American President.




He also praised the team for helping in the nation’s vaccination efforts though he also asked the players who had not got shots to get them. He said that their stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida had administered almost 200,000 vaccine shots in spring. He said that those who didn’t have a shot should get one and there was an “Amen” from someone on the stage and it was reported to be from coach Arians.


QB Tom Brady poked at former president Donald Trump as he said that not a lot of people thought the Bucks could have won. He added that he thought that about 40 percent of the people still don’t think they won.



Biden smiled and said that he understood that. About two thirds of the Republicans still believe that Biden has not won the elections, due to Trump’s repeated false claims about fraud in the election results, according to a Monmouth University poll that was released in March.


Brady also noted that he was older than other players and joked again about the nickname that the former president had for the current president. Trump often referred to Biden as “Sleepy Joe.”


Brady, 43 said that they had a game against the Chicago Bears in 2020 where he “forgot what down it was.” He lost track of one down in his entire 21-year career and they started calling him “Sleepy Tom.” He asked why would they do that to him as the crowd erupted in laughter. Biden replied, “I don’t know.”

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