Rent the Runway founder Fleiss bullish on Web3 impact in the next decade

Rent the Runway was founded in 2008. Co-founder Jennifer Fleiss was also one of the people responsible for making it an e-commerce fashion company with a $1.7 billion value as its public offering in 2021. In a recent interview, the fashion guru shared predictions for the future of fashion. She also spoke of fads and trends that should be the focus of entrepreneurs. She revealed that she was bullish about Web3.

In an interview with Inc. on being asked about changes in the following year in fashion, she said that fast fashion was losing its charm as sustainability and quality issues were now in focus. However, she added that tools like Shopify made the industry more diverse and helped innovative brands to develop. She also spoke of a possibility of a carbon tax by the fashion industry to decrease wasteful and costly returns.

Jennifer Fleiss spoke about trends in the next decade in her interview with Inc. She thought that Web3 and the metaverse would be “more familiar to people” in the next decade. She said that she was “very bullish on that.”

The Rent the Runway co-founder declared that people would wear digital clothing on the metaverse or even on a Zoom call. She believed that it would be “commonplace” to wear digital clothing. She predicted that there would be more fashion shows using Web3 technology. Fashion non fungible tokens (NFTs) would also become commonplace.

The fashion expert also felt that more fashion brands that are mainstream would launch digital lines in the next decade. Some fashion and sneaker brands have already begun to set up digital shops using Web3 blockchain technology.

Jennifer Fleiss also spoke of voice assistants helping to narrow down fashion choices, remembering preferences and ordering outfits for consumers. She also wanted the last mile delivery to improve and would like to see more “plug-and-play” options. Walmart  the largest company in the World has started developing such options including “plug-and-play” options and live buying opportunities on Walmart marketplace.

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