Republicans Jenner and Faulconer asks conservative candidate Elder to leave California recall race


Two well-known Republican candidates’ reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner and former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer as well as the editorial board at the Sacramento Bee asked conservative radio host and the frontrunner among the Republicans Larry Elder to exit from the California governor recall race, as his past rude comments on women have resurfaced.


Stories from multiple agencies this week focused on Elder’s past statements. The longtime conservative host had the reputation of speaking his mind on topics including controversy laden ones. He had a long-drawn habit of passing disparaging comments on women, on their roles in life as well as on their intellect.


The Sacramento Bee, a popular newspaper in the Golden State’s capital, asked Elder to quit the recall in a long editorial, after admissions of his behavior towards women and in particular his ex-fiancée were reported by many news outlets.


On Thursday, POLITICO had reported that his former fiancée Alexandra Datig had felt threatened by Elder who had pointed a gun at her when Elder was reportedly high on marijuana. She said that although he had emotionally abused her she did not want her past to get dredged. However, she was compelled to do so as she thought that it would be “a disaster” if Larry Elder became the governor of California.


On Friday, two prominent GOP recall candidates weighed in on the issue. Caitlyn Jenner was the first to ask him to step away from the recall while calling him out for his comments against women and posted some of Elder’s comments before asking him to drop out of the race.


In a late Friday statement Faulconer commented that “Elder’s lack of judgement and character flaws” could have a negative impact on the historic recall by the GOP. He also suggested that Elder was a liability that could cost the Republicans the recall vote. However, to date Elder has refused to quit the race.


Meanwhile, Gavin Newsom, the Democratic Governor who is facing the recall vote, has made Elder the pivot of his campaign message. He is warning Californians, a majority of whom vote blue that Elder could be the next governor of the Golden State if they continue to remain apathetic and don’t vote “No” on the recall ballot.


Millions of state voters have ballots in hand. They have time till September 14 to cast their vote. Although Republican voters are a minority in the state, there is huge enthusiasm among them to vote “Yes” to recall Governor Newsom.


On the other hand, most of California’s voters lean blue and vote democrat. However, all recent polls show that there is huge apathy to vote in the recall among the Democratic voters. This is bothersome for both Governor Gavin Newsom and the California Democratic Party as a whole.

Image Gage Skidmore

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