Right wing radio host hospitalized with COVID-19, regrets not being more ‘Pro-Vaccine’


A right-wing radio host has been hospitalized with a severe case of COVID-19. In the past, Phil Valentine had spoken against masks calling them an “overreach.” He said that getting vaccinated was an individual choice in his radio show as well as on social media. After his hospitalization, his brother Mark said that Phil would like for his listeners to know that that he had never been an “anti-vaxxer” and that he had regrets of not being “Pro-Vaccine.”


On Thursday Phil Valentine’s brother released a statement stating that the radio host planned to “more vigorously advocate” the need for getting vaccines to prevent COVID-19 infections, after he recovered from his bout of the infection.


The statement also said that he was in a serious condition and was fighting against pneumonia caused by COVID-19 as well as a few other side effects. He asked everyone to pray for Phil recovery and requested them to get vaccinated.


The 61-year-old host of a radio show on Super Talk, 99.7 WTN in Nashville, Tennessee had promoted alternatives while questioning the need for vaccines. He was also against mask mandates.


On July 12, Valentine told his Facebook followers that he had been infected with the coronavirus and joked to the “haters” out there that he was going to make it. Two days later, he was back on air sounding somewhat grateful but vigorously touted “alternatives” to vaccines. He said that if a person was at high risk he or she could get a vaccine, but it was totally their choice.


After that post, things turned for the worse and the right-wing radio host from Tennessee was hospitalized for complications arising due a COVID infection. He is currently admitted in an Intensive Care Unit. He requires breathing assistance but is not on a ventilator as per a report on Newsweek.


On Wednesday, Phil’s brother Mark said he had changed his mind about vaccines after seeing the condition of his brother in hospital. He said that many knew that his brother Phil was in the hospital with Covid related pneumonia and that he was fighting for his life. He added that the situation persuaded him to get vaccinated although he was previously not in favor of vaccinations.

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