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Toys are a vital part of child development-Not only do they help with movement skills, physical health, and social skills but are also part of children’s happiness as they get to have fun and wear smiles when playing-With many toys dominating supermarket shelves. Parents need to know that all toys are not safe and some toys pose serious harm to their children. Checklist tips for safe toys Here are some much-needed recommendations to keep your baby safe during playtime. Follow the age guidelines highlighted on toy’s pack. These guidelines are highly researched on and tested and are therefore trustworthy. Different toys are made for babies of varied ages to ensure that they fit the various developmental needs of each age group. For a 2-month-old baby, he/she needs to develop their senses and learn through their touch senses Soft, and textured toys are most suited for safe fun for a 2-month-old baby. You have to of course check for flame resistant and flame retardant labels. Avoid toys with loose strings, ribbons, buttons, and unsecured batteries. Toys with loose strings, ribbons, and buttons can easily cause choking for babies as they can be snapped and chewed by a baby.

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Toys with batteries for operation should be well secured ensuring they are inaccessible to the baby to avoid choking or chemical burns. Get rid of toys packaging and any plastic bags A baby can stick them up the nose or the mouth. Be sure to dispose of the packaging materials after unwrapping the toys to avoid suffocation. Don’t leave children unattended as they play-Some toys have been flagged for safety issues and concerns like the baby jumper. Over time, the baby jumper has raised eyebrows over its safety with a report of babies falling off and more accidents-lt is advised that when using a baby jumper, maximum supervision should be observed by parents to ascertain the safety of the baby. Be keen to watch baby drivers as they ride around the house to make sure that they don’t fall over the stairs or bump into furniture. No balloons, please! Balloons are fun but latex is the leading cause of toy-related choking incidents. When chewed, pieces of balloons block baby’s airway leading to suffocation Store toys in a clean safe play area. The play area should be away from the staircase, furniture and other items that the baby can run into while’s essential to protect any electrical outlets with covers and also ensure that the floor is smooth by using a baby play mat. A baby play mat makes the floor friendly even for crawling babies and minimizes injuries when baby falls Keep toys away after the baby is done playing and constantly clean toys and play area.

Do your research on safe toys and report unsafe toys. Before buying toys, visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission website to view any toys that have been recalled-lf you buy a toy and have any second thoughts on your baby’s safety, it is advisable that you don’t allow the baby to play with the toy and report your case to the relevant authority on the matter as this information could help protect more babies from harm. Don’t buy toys with Magnets. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has received many reports on accidents where children have swallowed magnets causing infections and other health hazards-Children under the age of 14 are discouraged from playing with toys containing magnets. Ensure Toys have non-toxic labels. For a small baby, it is important to remember that he/she is bound to throw every toy right into the mouth-Make sure that the toys are not toxic or are washable to keep away from harmful chemicals and protect your cute baby as safe and healthy as possible. Make sure your cute baby is physically fit for the new toy to Avoid buying small motorbikes for a fat baby or a toy that is twice as big for a child just so it can last longer. The size of the toy should be a perfect match for your child, not a size too big or too small for a fat baby which can lead to injuries.

With these guidelines, parents are assured of the top-notch safety of the baby’s toys. This ensures that your child’s development needs are fully met through play without compromising on the safety of your cute baby.

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