Sam Asghari encouraged Britney to perform again, Spears ‘just not ready’

After 13 years of a strict conservatorship, Britney Spears has slowly begun to get her life back. The troubled pop star had been under what she called “abuse” as her father James “Jamie” Spears and others ruled her life both personal and financial. She gained some relief when Jody Montgomery became her personal conservator, while her father remained as her financial conservator.

In the interim, Britney Spears recently got engaged to Sam Asghari, her longtime boyfriend. She has said that they are happy. She had posted a lot of videos and photos with him. He has stood by her for years together and everybody hopes that he would continue to do so, in a manner that is befitting to the pop princess.

A few days ago, Judge Penny removed Jamie Spears from her conservatorship. Britney had said that she would not perform until her father was removed from her conservatorship. Now, fiancé Sam Asghari is encouraging her to start thinking of performing, once more. However, some sources say that she’s “just not ready” to perform on stage.

Although many fans are waiting for her live performances, a source told PEOPLE magazine that Spears is no rush to go back on stage and that she was not ready to perform again.

The source also said that Sam Asghari has been a “great influence” on the pop star as her days were focused when he was around her. The source said that her fiancé encouraged her to live a healthy lifestyle as he is very disciplined about physical fitness as well as about healthy eating habits.

The source also said that Britney Spears found it hard to motivate herself when she was alone, if he wasn’t around. The insider also mentioned that he seemed to be a constant support.

Another source said that both of them were “always together.” The 39-year old pop star and the 27-year old actor and model were engaged recently. The Lucky singer might have finally seen some luck and grace in her life after events are finally turning in her favor.

While it is hoped that the pop princess would perform soon as it’s been years together, it is also hoped that she performs when she herself is “ready” to do so and not because she is “encouraged” to do so by her fiancé or her fans or anyone else who is close to her.

Image Credit Sam Asghari Instagram

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