Samsung Company Debuts Galaxy S7 Active Smartphone Exclusive Video Review – CWEB

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samsungcolorlogo –  The phone’s screen won’t shatter from a drop of up to 5 feet and it can be in five feet of water for up to 30 minutes without breaking, Samsung says. The Galaxy S7 Active goes on sale June 10. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is a terrific smartphone, but it’s not a particularly durable one. It’s waterproof, yes, so you can use it in the rain and not blink an eye if it happens to take a dive in a shallow pool. But the for hamfisted among us, the glass-heavy design still demands some kind of case. Instead of just have you buy some ruggedized case for the sleek S7, Samsung and AT&T now have an entirely different phone for you to consider: enter the Galaxy S7 Active. 


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