Schedule Your Smart Lights with Google Assistant


The Google Assistant has come up with one more function to ease lives. It can now be scheduled to turn on and turn off lights and other electrical devices at specific and general times as reported by Android Police and Reddit users.

Earlier on Google Assistant used to work with Hue and many other smart lights but with limited functionality. It could do so using alarms and other features. Now it has become more precise in its application.

Google’s “Scheduled Actions” feature allows a user to say for example, “Hey Google, turn on the lights at 6pm. It is possible to schedule tasks for the current day, for the next day or even a week later. For example, you can say, “Hey Google turn on the sprinklers in the lawn in a week at 5pm.”

Android police have found that some commands work even without a specific time as it can be set to turn on and off lights at sunrise and sunset.

As per the Google Assistant smartphone documents all the features should work soon. Yet according to users from Android Police and Reddit the cancellation of scheduled function doesn’t seem to work. In addition, specific times need to be mentioned. For example, if “tomorrow” is mentioned without mentioning a specific time, the command is acknowledged but Google Assistant does not carry through the command.

Source engadget

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