SC’s recent overturning of abortion rights brings conservatives and liberals divide to the forefront

The second amendment and gun control in america concept with a handgun and the american constitution on the USA flag with close up on the “we the people” part of the united states constitution

Conservatives in America have been building up consensus in the Supreme Court to bring back conservative values to the nation and have succeeded in a major way after the Supremes Court overturned a woman’s right to have an abortion, on Friday. Although major public opinion on the issue of abortion was that it was a woman’s right, the conservatives in the highest court ruled in favor of the unborn child.

Democrats were in shock and disbelief, although the judgement was not unexpected. Most of it had already been leaked weeks before. President Joe Biden and top Democrat Elizabeth Warren as well as several leaders have vowed to fight against what Biden termed as “extreme ideology” and “a tragic error by the Supreme Court.” Warren said that they would pass the law “by statute and enforce it.”

Although the Democrats are in fighting form, they are most likely to face an uphill battle and it could take them years as there is a strong possibility that the Senate might be retaken by the Republicans. Although the recent mass shooting in a school Uvalde, Texas and overturning of Roe vs Wade are major issues, Americans are reportedly more concerned with other issues.

Inflation is at an all time high and people are worried about the future. The ongoing war on Ukraine by Russia shows no sign of stopping and adds economic hardship to the nation. In such a scenario, it is possible for the GOP to bring additional conservative measures that will affect communities including the LGBTQ and others, if it gains a majority in the House and the Senate.

Just as the Democrats and liberals are fired up with the decision which they believe curtails the individual rights of a woman and say that the government has no moral or legal right to curtail them, the Republicans are extremely pleased that their five decades long struggle has finally borne fruit.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said that millions of Americans had prayed, marched and worked “toward today’s historic victories” and said he stood with them and shared their joy. Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson posted on Twitter that they were now able “to protect life.”

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