Senate votes to raise debt limit until early December, averting temporary economic disaster

On Thursday evening, the Senate voted 50-48 on a bill that is set to extend the debt limit of the nation through early December. Before the vote, Republicans and Democrats reached an earlier deal to break a filibuster 61- 38 on the agreement in order to raise the debt ceiling.

There were eleven Republican senators who provided the votes needed by the Democrats to help the Senate over the procedural hurdle as a minimum of 60 votes were needed.

After the vote, Charles Schumer, Majority Leader of the House ripped into the Republicans as he blamed them for almost pushing the nation into default. He said that they played a “dangerous,” and “risky partisan” game.

Senator John Thune of South Dakota one of the 11 Republicans who voted in support that said the speech was “out of line” as they had helped the Democrats solve a problem. Democrat Joe Manchin, one of the moderate Democrats, who has been holding up the trillion dollar infrastructure and reconciliation bill, said that the speech was not appropriate and he would have done it differently.

Democrats Manchin and Sinema have been doing other things differently as well, with reference to the party as many other Democrats hold these two members responsible for the stalling of the trillion dollar reconciliation bill that has the support of President Biden and all the other members of the Democratic Party. However, it is considered too expansive and expensive by Manchin and Sinema.

The House is expected to vote on the Senate approved bill on Tuesday. Since the House has a slim majority of Democrats, there might be no fiery speeches even if all the Republicans vote against the bill. President Joe Biden will sign the bill after it is passed by the House.

However, what has happened and will happen to the debt ceiling is a temporary fix. The debt limit or ceiling has been a longstanding problem. Experts have suggested that it should be done away in a bipartisan manner so contentious issues can be avoided in future.

Source CNN, The Daily Mail

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