Shortages in grocery stores supplies are a distinct possibility as holidays approach

If you have been looking forward to seeing grocery shelves in your local store or supermarket filled with the foods you missed out due to the pandemic this fall and winter you might be disappointed. However, don’t lose hope as there will still be more available this year than what was on shelves last year. It is just that quantities may be limited as availability of goods has not as yet reached pre-pandemic levels.

Manufacturers are trying to do their best to supply all the favorite foods that Americans demand and expect as the holiday season is approaching. However, they are concentrating on manufacturing core products and stopping or slowing the production of niche products.

CNN has viewed a few mails and also interviewed grocers. It has concluded that several products might not be available in fall and even up to winter.

Some of the items that might face shortages include

Rice Krispies Treats
Sour Patch Kids
A few flavors of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream
McCormick’s Gourmet Spices
Marie Callender’s pot pies.


The reasons for the shortfall range from labor shortage to commodity and transportation constraints that have gripped supply chains. Grocers have also been asked to refrain from promoting these items especially during the holidays, so stocks can last a little longer and stay on shelves. Promotions and offers may exacerbate an already difficult situation and lead to empty shelves at a quicker pace.

Recently Costco and Sam’s Club have reinstated purchase limits on certain consumer products including paper and cleaning supplies. Food brands have also starting putting purchase caps or allocations on certain products.

According to the latest data from IRI, which tracks stock levels at various pharmacies, wholesale and grocery chains and more, during the week ending on October 3, the following items were out of stock:

approximately 18 percent of beverages
roughly 15 percent of frozen foods
about 15 percent of candy
roughly 16 percent of snacks
approximately 18 percent of bakery items.

However, one positive note among all the shortages is that the situation is much better when compared with 2020 and manufacturers are doing their best to ensure that all core items will be available. It is mainly indulgent, niche and exclusive items that might be unavailable this fall and winter.


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