Sleuths think ‘black box’ in sealed dry bag found before Brian Laundrie remains were found is a gun

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The Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito case may be closed soon as remains found are that of Brian Laundrie, as the FBI confirmed that they belonged to him after matching dental records. However, online sleuths, who are part of a Facebook group dedicated to the case, have spotted a mysterious object. Users speculated that the black box like object could be a gun, after they saw a closeup picture of a dry bag.

The bag was reportedly found by Brian’s father Chris Laundrie not too far from the spot where the human body was found. The post in a Facebook group dedicated to the Gabby Petito case said, “I’m really curious about what the black box is and what, if anything it has inside…”

The case of the bag also got comments from investigators and police from around the nation. A veteran investigator, Tom Joyce, who is a retired New York Police Department (NYPD) Lieutenant Commander told The Sun that the search had been a “s**tshow” and he found it “so disturbing” that Chris Laundrie found the bag so easily.

He also noted that police letting Laundrie’s father “walking off by himself” amid a “high stakes investigation” was really surprising and added that if it was his case he would never have let a “suspect’s parents” out of his sight.

The Laundrie family lawyer told reporters that Brian’s parents had given the authorities information about the area where they thought Brian could be and the place where they found some belongings.

Chris and his wife Roberta, who are Brian’s parents, had arrived at the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park in Florida. They wanted to help the investigators to search the area surrounding the spot where human remains were found n Wednesday. They found the dry bag within an hour and a half of their search.

Brian Laundrie’s autopsy is inconclusive as of now. An anthropologist will study the remains to determine the cause of death.

On Friday, the family lawyer told the New York Post in a statement that the cause of death of Brian Laundrie had not as yet been determined.

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